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Clio Training Webinars

These webinars are designed to provide an in-depth exploration of specific areas of Clio's functionality, and to give attendees an opportunity to ask questions in an live Q&A session. Topics rotate from week-to-week, so be sure to check back often for our updated training schedule.

02 March Thursday

11:00 AM CST—12:00 PM CST

Basics of Billing Webinar

In this webinar we'll go over the basic billing functionality and setup in Clio so you can hop right into generating invoices and sending them to clients. This Webinar will cover the basics of the billing tools in Clio.

09 March Thursday

11:00 AM CST—12:00 PM CST

Document Automation - Creating Workable Templates

In the Document Automation webinar we walk through the basics of how to take an existing template and populate it with fields that will automatically pull information from your Clio account into Letters, Contracts, and others.

16 March Thursday

11:00 AM CDT—12:00 PM CST

Data Driven Productivity with Clio

Taking control of your firm's data is simple in Clio. Utilizing Advanced Reports, track your firm's productivity and ensure reliable accountability. Join Clio's Data Driven Productivity Webinar to learn from our Accounts team and Training team.

23 March Thursday

11:00 AM CDT—12:00 PM CST

Efficiencies in Clio's iPhone App

Clio's Mobile Product Manager is joining our Training Team in this presentation to review the Clio iPhone app. Sit in and hear how shortcuts have been programmed to save you time, and how the product team is continuing to improve the application.

30 March Thursday

11:00 AM CDT—12:00 PM CST

How to grow your practice in Clio

Your firm is growing in Clio. As you add new members, learning how to work with permissions and groups becomes essential. Join our Customer Success and Training teams as we learn how to assign appropriate permissions and restrictions.